Customizable feedback widget for everyone

An embeddable widget to capture feedback from your customers or marketing leads. Easy to install and configure.

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Stay on top of customer feedback

Embed the feedback widget on any webpage to easily collect customer feedback. The widget is highly customisable so you can choose the messaging that suits your business.

Feedback Widget Wizard

Fits within your application

The feedback widget has multiple options for positioning and triggering.

The floating positioning option allows the feedback widget to display a button that floats in the corner of the web page.

The trigger positioning options allows the widget to trigger based on the click of any element with the data-getfeedback attribute.

Customer profile user interface

Identify your customers and leads

Our feedback widget will ask unidentified leads their name and email before feedback submission, so your team can follow up later.

Our widget also comes with an option to provide a securely encrypted JWT to identify your existing customers. This SSO option will allow us to identify your known customers and make it even easier for them to provide feedback.

Feedback Widget Wizard

Instant notifications

When feedback is submitted via the widget - you can view it in your inbox, where you can sort and filter the feedback.

We also push to multiple channels that you have configured - so your team is able to see the feedback where they are working. We support common destinations such as Slack, Email, Zapier out of the box.

For advanced users, enable Webhooks so you can develop your custom feedback loop workflow.

Customer profile user interface

Feedback widget built for every type of business

We built this feedback widget to be used by every type of business and of any size.

Multiple Feedback Inboxes

Configure different widgets to collect feedback, each with their own inbox for feedback.

Personalize Messaging

Every part of the feedback widget can be customized to suit your brand and language.

Identify securely

Identify your customers when loading the widget inside your app behind a login.

Customize options

Customize the type of feedback you receieve with custom button labels and descriptions.


Push feedback directly to your Email, Slack workspace, Zapier. Complete with meta information and identification.


Use our inbox dashboard to view all feedback instantly. Easily sort and filter your feedback.

Webhooks Workflow

If you have a custom workflow in mind for your feedback, our webhook feature will help you achieve it.

Connect with Customers

A tight feedback loop help you stay in touch with your customers and let their voice be heard.

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Purchase a lifetime license

Get a license for use with multiple websites and collect unlimited feedback.

Your license to unlimited feedback

Collecting feedback is a life long habit for successful businesses. Purchase at one-time cost to help your businesses and projects grow with feedback. Embed our widgets in your applications or marketing websites.

The free plan allows for one project and 100 feedback items with two active integrations.

What's included

  • Collect unlimited feedback

  • Identify customers & embed anywhere

  • Intergrations (Limit of 10)

  • Projects (Limit of 5)

Pay once, own it forever


Limited licenses available

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